The first question people usually ask me when they find out I'm a calligrapher, is what I actually write for a living. The answer is everything. That, and a lot of work for special events. I do a lot of envelopes, for weddings mostly. I also do many commissioned pieces – quotes, lyrics, poems to go on the wall, all custom and in the style that makes the most sense for the client. And I get a plenty of emails from people saying, "This is going to sound weird, but can you write on a__?"

The following are things I do, but am not limited to.

Event Calligraphy

Envelope Addressing – The invitation envelope is the first impression of your event that your guests will hold in their hands. People love to see their own names written in a way that stands out.

Custom Return Address Stamp – Address stamps are done in a matching style to the addresses on the front.

Invitation Design

Save-the-Date Cards

Monogram Design – As a stand-alone piece of art, or as a rubber stamp to use for the future. This is a great gift for a couple or a piece of art for your wedding stationery.

Menu Design

Seating Chart Signage

Place Cards, Escort Cards

Table Number Signs

Signature Cocktail Signage

Thank You Cards

Wedding Vows


On-Site Events

Writing for custom gifts, custom cards for retail events

Place Cards on site when the guest list is secret or unknown until the last minute

On-site wedding and event signage



Names written out for children, new babies or new couples

Birth announcements


Song lyrics, quotes and poems


Gift tags

Stationery, Monograms, customized return address rubber stamps

Wedding vows

All of the above are customized for exactly what you have in mind.
Contact me with your idea and I'll give you sketches and a price quote.

Vintage Stamps

Sets of vintage stamps for your envelopes can be curated around your color scheme, or with a special interest in mind that is appropriate for you or your event (ie. “flowers” or “airplanes”). If you are interested in this service, contact me about it as soon as possible so that I procure the stamps for the number of invitations you are sending out. Vintage stamps tend to trade at three- to five-times their postage, so this will separately quoted on an individual basis. Because it may take several stamps to make postage, it is something to plan out in advance of writing the addresses on the envelopes — we’ll want to make sure that the group of stamps fit on the envelope with enough room for the writing.